Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I have a very high prescription and my lenses are thicker than I would like. Is there any way to make them thinner?

A:  At Eyecare Professionals, we offer both high index and polycarbonate lenses, which can accommodate a high prescription without adding thickness to your lenses.  Our optician can help you select the lens option that is best for you.

Q:  My child needs glasses to see while playing sports, what are our options when choosing appropriate frames and lenses?

A:  We offer athletic frames designed to stay on, fit comfortably, and remain durable during rigorous activity. Polycarbonate lenses are most often recommended for sports as they are light and strong, as well as scratch- and shatter-resistant.

Q:  How do I know which frames fit me best?

A:  Our opticians will help you choose the pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that is best suited for you. The opticians will explain your options, evaluate your face shape and style preferences, and help you make a confident choice about your new eyewear. Our opticians have the experience and knowledge necessary to help guide you in the right direction.

Q:  I have a pair of glasses designated for almost every activity and environment – reading, driving, indoors, outdoors – is there any way to get one pair of glasses that works for every situation?

A:  We offer a wide array of multifocal lenses that can provide you with the single pair of multipurpose glasses you are looking for.  These lenses provide smooth continuous vision correction from reading to distance, and tinting options enable them to darken and lighten depending on lighting conditions.

Q:  How do I choose the right sunglasses?

A:  Your sunglasses should provide protection for your eyes and match your style. Whether you need high performance polarized lenses, comprehensive UV protection, or the latest fashions, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. With the help of our optician, you are sure to find the sunglasses that fit your lifestyle and individual taste.

Q:  How often should I get my eyes examined?

A:  You should get your eyes examined each year to update your prescription and check for abnormalities.